From the Chief Executive Officer - Mmedara Josiah

I have always admired rebelliously ambitious and hardworking creatives. I even tried being one of them. Music was an easy choice for me but after writing my first song, I became even more excited and curious about the next steps to becoming an artist. The behind the scenes work that went into helping and growing an artist suited me more than anything else. 


I moved to Ottawa, Canada in the summer of 2016 for my university studies. School was fine but I was always searching for more. I wanted to be a part of or even own something real; a music related business that I could grow and enjoy. I tried writing for some talented singers I knew and paired them up with good producers. Unfortunately, none of these people had the zeal and determination to succeed. The creative energy in my city was not motivating at all and that made me very sad.


In the summer of 2017, I heard the song ‘Mojo’ by some guy, Banggz, from my longtime friend, Belema. I was very impressed and even more excited when I heard that both of them were moving from Vancouver to Ottawa for school. One evening, Belema invited me over to where they stayed. Coincidentally, Belema, Banggz, Chyme and Jae stayed in the same apartment. Later on, I found out that Kwado lived in the same building. 


It was a divine connection. Chyme was already a big fan of Banggz and did not know that he would end up living with him. Jae had already been working with Banggz in Vancouver, where they had schooled together. Kwado who was friends with Chyme had started recording in Toronto where they had attended college. Belema at that time was not making music at all. But knowing him from secondary school, I knew he was a really talented guy. 


I started hanging out with all the guys very often and with time, we became best of friends. Because Banggz and Kwado were already good producers, everyone could write songs, make instrumentals and record in the studio at the apartment. Even Belema was able to record and release his first single, ‘Olosho’, which became an instant hit in the city. Everyone else was able to focus on getting better and putting out good songs with good timing. 


During this time, I focused on getting to know everyone very well. I knew that this friendship would evolve into something greater and I was prepping myself for it mentally. 


During the winter of 2017, the guys were booked to perform at a show. A few days prior, we figured: we all lived and hung out in one apartment unit, that was where the friendship grew and solidified, we created a lot of good music and learnt a lot together. So we decided to be introduced as ‘Twelve07’, coined from the number, '1207', which was the apartment number. 


Since then, this collective of 5 talented and unique artists has achieved great success. I became heavily involved in the management and execution of things in the summer of 2019,  when we held our first ‘Twelve07 Live’ concert in Ottawa. It was a challenging experience. I was especially driven by my confidence in the quality of music that the artists produced. What impressed me the most was how hard the artists, instrumentalists, and other team members worked to ensure quality on all ends. The sold out show was a great success so we followed it up with the first Twelve07 album called ‘High Sea’, which featured all 5 of our artists. 


Now in 2020, we have a team that assists the artists and we are as ambitious as ever. All our artists have at least one album in the works and more opportunities have opened up for us, which we are making good use of. Please keep an eye on Twelve07 through this website and our social media to follow our progress. We aim to be more than a music collective but music is our foundation so we are dedicating all our resources into it. Also, we are nothing without the fans so we truly appreciate your support. Please go through the website to get to know every artist and what to expect from them. Feel free to ask us any questions by clicking on the contact button at the bottom of any page.

I am very confident in your support and I promise that we will not let you down. Thank you very much for giving me your time. We cannot wait to showcase what we have in store for you.

Other Team Members

     1. Mmedara Josiah - Chief Executive Officer and Manager

     2. Oluwatomiwa Otesile - Management and Communications 

     3. Hong Anh Tran - Marketing and Strategy

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